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…in your head, DIAMONDTOWN Diamondtown LP

DIAMONDTOWN – Diamondtown LP is available at Bandcamp, Label Obscura, Spotify.

by Walter Price

The sprawling 10-track self-titled LP from Nova Scotia’s DIAMONDTOWN is a time-traveling set full of limbic post-punk gems. Spanning airy jangle, ethereal shoegaze, pillowy dream pop, and psych, this album is a brilliant result from a quintet of established songwriters and musicians. ‘Diamondtown’ is yet another great LP created within the confines of a tumultuous time (and a basement studio). Proving once again, that during times of confusion, pain and despair comes indelible art.

And as we humans are trying to navigate a post-pandemic world the best we know-how, the band’s recent single, “Dream All Day”, offers up a well-needed nudge for “getting your shit together“. A well-received sentiment conveyed within its lush arrangement and a tranquil vocal, it’s almost hard to tell that the outside world is so topsy-turvy.

If you’re a fan of weighty zeitgeist thoughts/emotions expressed through “sun-bleached dream-rock”, then this album is going to soundtrack the new you. And you can stream the full ‘Diamondtown’ LP and see the dreamy ‘live’ performance video, directed by Alex Mitchell, now at the GTC.


+ Dream All Day, the video

Artwork and quotes courtesy of Auteur Research // Band photo by Jess Lewis

KC Spidle
Evan Cardwell
Meg Yoshida
Kate O’Neill
Chris Thompson

Music Video: Filmed and produced by Alex Mitchell
Lighting and set by Jess Lewis


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After I wrote the lyrics it started to feel like I was describing what’s happening now, but that was all done before. It’s about finding hope through impending doom, being scared of what’s going on outside, and trying to hide. Of course, there are other things in there as well. I just like creating dreamy lyrics so people can interpret them as they will.” – KC Spidle

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