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18. November 2021 By Walter Price 0

…standing on her own, NIA ARCHIVES Headz Gone West EP

Nia Archives – Headz Gine West EP is available on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud.

Nia Archives

by Walter Price

Let’s be real for a minute, I’m the least qualified to review or remark about all the different beats and rhythms sewn into the stunning EP, ‘Headz Gone West’, by Leeds/London producer/songwriter/DJ Nia Archives. But what I am quite familiar with is sincerity and coming-of-age earnestness in song crafting. And this 5-track set is chockful of real thoughts and lived moments and you’ll be hardpressed not to instantly fall for this burgeoning dance club hero.

Smooth as Erykah Badu pop vocals with tons jazz and lounge infused groove with plenty of interwoven jungle/grime/dubstep and breakbeats that’ll keep ya movin’ (and, perhaps, driving a bit too fast… uh hmm). But, again, the real attraction is the díary feel of the lyrics. This songwriter doesn’t seem steeped in fantasy, she’s more of a realist. An observationalist street storyteller, if you will. And, for me, hanging on every word is as equally important as the intricacies of the less is more production. I say less is more, when you get to the final track, “Don’t Kid Urself”….things get arcade-like, quickly. It, like the whole album, is a trip.

But before I stick my over-thinking post-punk stained white foot too deeply into my mouth, you can stream this brilliant energized EP as well as see the music video for “Crossroads” (directed by Delphino Productions), now at the GTC.


+ Crossroads, single/video

Artist photo via YouTube

Written/produced by Nia Archives

Music Video: Delphino Productions

Nia Archives

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So tell me which way do I go
Been here before but this time I don’t know
Tell me who do I turn to
I used to trust you
but you said things that were untrue
Now I’m standing on my own
Cos I think I’m fully grown
but really I’m just all alone
Its not a pretty story sorry
I cant always talk about my glory

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