Ten Benson Black Hole Blues
23. June 2022 By Walter Price 2

…night spent getting sold, TEN BENSON Black Hole Blues

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Black Hole Blues

by Walter Price

The recently re-prolific and everyone’s favorite sludge rockers, Ten Benson, drop another teeth cracker called “Black Hole Blues”. And for the money, possibly the best single phrase review was delivered via their Facebook page when a longtime fan referred to the new single as, “Nice – classic Benson grubby boogie.” Bang on.

With music and lyrics by band mastermind Chris Teckkam, you won’t be shocked by the shadowy sharpness of the harsh realities he’s painting…

Cracked mirror on the bathroom door
Light flickers, wet streets
Wet socks and two wet feet
I got the black hole blues
Light flickers, sweaty walls
Flypaper on the disco balls
Hey sugar, you’re so sweet
If I go pee will you keep my seat?
Another night spent getting sold
Get paid next week, or so I’m told
I got the black hole blues
I got the black hole blues

So, if you’re in the market for a flowery and picturesque song to tap your foot to as you sip your afternoon tea, loosen your ascot, “Black Hole Blues” just killed that notion. And you can stream it now, at the GTC!

TEN BENSON Black Hole Blues

Artist photo courtesy of Ten Benson

Music and lyrics by Chris Teckkam

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“Ten Benson are a rock band from London, United Kingdom formed in 1997. Their early releases saw them described as “psychedelic hillbillies”, but they later moved on to a (cod-)heavy metal sound.” – Wiki

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