Interstellar Bungalow Thousand Trees
21. June 2022 By Walter Price 0

…try to shape INTERSTELLAR BUNGALOW Thousand Trees

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Interstellar Bungalow Thousand Trees

by Walter Price

Dream pop, shoe gaze, sparse and indelible, the recent single “Thousand Trees” from Graz, Austria’s Interstellar Bungalow is a post-punk vision. Or “lo-fi pearl from the sofa”, as the trio would describe their sound, this track will take the decerned listener back to the vibes that The Chameleons and/or Asylum Party once laid down.

In a press quote provided to the GTC, the outfit delves into their upcoming second EP, “On their second EP Cargo, Interstellar Bungalow add some new facets to their already established lo-fi sound. The five songs are pervaded by a melancholic vibe and use a variety of musical genres: 90s-infected indie-pop รก la Grandaddy (Thousand Trees), noise rock guitars in combination with hip hop drumbeats (Lay Down), or a Pavement-esque blues number (Alchemy).”

The forthcoming “Cargo” EP is expected on 24 June 2022. And if you’re into nostalgic rides into the addictive haze of atmospheric pop, give Interstellar Bungalow’s “Thousand Trees” a spin or more. And you can do so, in full, now at the GTC.


Band photo and quotes courtesy of Suzi Schwarz PR

Matteo Sattler
Selina Galka
Thomas Hammer

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Gentle melodies, light-footed, sometimes surreal lyrics, and indie rock harmonies, accompanied by distorted guitars, garnished with outbursts of noise. The result is stylistically diverse, melody-loving, lively songs in a DIY guise. Interstellar Bungalow are Matteo Sattler (Robotra), Selina Galka (OXYJANE, Viosphere), and Thomas Hammer (Cryptic Commands, Robotra). They are based in Graz and all three members are jointly responsible for music, singing, lyrics, recording and mixing.” – band bio

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