Taleen Kali
9. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

NEW! TALEEN KALI Flower Of Life 

Taleen Kali Flower Of Life is available on Deezer, Bandcamp, Dum Dum Records

Taleen Kali

by Walter Price

Who the fuck, indeed. For those about to rock, LA’s Taleen Kali’s debut LP “Flower Of Life” is a powderkeg of alt-rock brilliance. Wailing guitars, distortion galore, crunchy melodies, and weighty lyrics all make this set one of the tiptop debuts in recent memory. If you’re a comparison peep, think of this album someplace between Hole, The Go-Go’s, and the Riot Grrl movement.

But if you’re experiencing the music yourself purest, may I suggest sampling the opening/title track (or course), the airy “Only Lovers Left Alive”, the classic modern rocker “Cazimi” and the dreamy “Vague Flesh”. These few samplings should give you enough proof that this is an album for your turn-it-up collection. And from the clips I’ve seen on the ol’ YouTube, an album you’ll want to see performed live, in the flesh—if you will.

Taleen Kali & Crew have set a new benchmark for indie rock and you can stream the single “Flower of Life” and watch the Joe Rubinstein-directed music video for “Only Lovers Left Alive”, here at the GTC.

TALEEN KALI Flower Of Life 

Artist photo via Bandcamp // Bio quote via taleenkali.com

Produced by Jeff Schroeder and Josiah Mazzaschi
Mixed and mastered by Josiah Mazzaschi at The Cave Studio in Los Angeles

Single art by: Maddie Liner

Vocals: Taleen Kali
Guitar: Taleen Kali, Royce Hsu, Josiah Mazzaschi, Jeff Schroeder
Bass: Royce Hsu
Synth: Miles Marsico, Josiah Mazzaschi, Jeff Schroeder
Drums: Rhys Hastings
Drum machine: Jeff Schroeder
Percussion: Miles Marsico

facebook // website // instagram

Influenced by melodies and imagery from her Armenian heritage and her parents’ birthplaces of Lebanon and Ethiopia, Kali fuses her lineage with sonics of the modern countercultures she grew up embracing, exploring everything from punk to Brit-pop. With fiery live sets and swirling sonics, her band has quickly become a staple in the L.A. music underground.” – bio

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