Billy Momo Boogeyman
11. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

…scary as, BILLY MOMO Boogeyman

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Billy Momo Boogeyman

by Walter Price

Arguably one of Sweden’s most underrated rocknroll outfits, Billy Momo returns with what some may consider their most adventurous LP to date. ‘BOOGEYMAN’ was conceived during the burgeoning darkness of the pandemic and while BM are known for crafting picturesque and cerebral verses and rootsy arrangements, this 8-track album is certainly their most cinematic. And perhaps, their darkest and whimsical as well.

In a statement sent to me from the band, the group recalls how it all started, “In early 2020, just as the world for the first time started hearing of a certain little (but rather aggressive) virus, Billy Momo went into Kingside Studios in Gnesta to begin recording the first three tracks for what was to become the ‘Boogeyman’ album.” The band’s vocalist/guitarist Oskar ‘Orren’ Hovell adds, “We had to make a choice, whether to release just those three tracks as an EP or find other ways to work if we wanted to finish the album. We chose the latter. So, like countless other musicians who suddenly found both gigs and studios out of reach, Billy Momo took to guerilla-style recording for the remainder of the songs, working from home.”

Tony ‘Gramps’ Lind continues, “We had already started going down a grittier, darker road with the previous album ‘Roots & Vision’, but I think the music on ‘Boogeyman’ is even heavier than that. Also, with less time together than usual during the recording process, there were fewer discussions about arrangements, so the songs developed organically, rather than by design. It was a challenge in some ways, but also freeing in others. Everyone really came up with their own parts and contributions, without much interference from anyone else.”

And the beautifully haunting results are eight layered and cohesive vignettes or chapters, if you will, that shouldn’t be singled out. Rather, consider this album as a journey through the minds of a collective during one of the most trying times our bewildering planet has had to endure. Not just a pandemic but all the subsequent complicated political, complex social scenarios, and undeniable fears as well.

You can experience the once-in-a-lifetime “Boogeyman”, in full, here at the GTC.

BILLY MOMO Boogeyman

Band photo via Facebook // Quotes courtesy of Billy Momo // Cover art by Mårten ‘Hot Lips’ Forssman

Billy Momo:
Oskar ‘Orren’ Hovell – guitars, vocals
Tomas ’Barba’ Juto – guitars, keyboards, vocals, percussion
Tony ‘Gramps’ Lind – drums, percussion, vocals
Christopher ‘Coffa’ Broman Tak – bass, vocals
Mårten ‘Hot Lips’ Forssman – harmonica, vocals
Andreas ’Preacherman’ Prybil – vocals, percussion

Additional players:
Otto Wellton – melodica and organ on ‘Hell hounds’
Henning Iljero-Winnberg – piano and organ on ‘Bad guy’s load’, ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Bad guy’s load (reprise)’

Basic tracks for ‘Hell hounds’, ‘Pick your truth’, and ‘Make the stars align’ were recorded at Kingside Studios, Gnesta, engineered by Otto Wellton.

Mixed by Tomas ‘Barba’ Juto.
Mastered by Oscar ‘The Head’ Harryson at SoundHabits.

facebook // website // instagram

The music of ‘Boogeyman’, gradually developed around a general theme of fear. Although not specifically a concept album, the songs reflect on various perceived threats, internal and external, local and global, real and imagined.” – Billy Momo

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