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27. February 2019 By Walter Price 0

VIDEO PREMIER: DUCKS! – “Swerve” (feat. Rachel Maio) from the ‘Things That Were Lost’ LP

DUCKS! – “Swerve” from ‘Things That Were Lost’, available 28.3.2019.


by Walter Price


Berlin-based synth-art duo DUCKS! (Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan) have returned with a stunning new single, “Swerve” (feat. Rachel Maio). A track manipulating sounds as it tells the distressing tale of a woman struggling with who she has become. The gnawing confusion, darkness laid out in a film by Trent Grenell. Employing stark interpretive dance through cold urban landscapes, conveying the lyrics’ anxieties to perfection.

In a statement, the duo explained the single, “The first song we created as artists in residence at Blitz in Valletta, Malta, the original sound source is a wine glass in the gallery’s bar, sampled and repitched to create a bell-like melody. Over this, Lani’s plaintive vocals describe a person trying, but not quite managing, to be satisfied with the life she’s made for herself. Rachel Maio’s electronically augmented cello builds on the track’s feeling of frustration and yearning and finally provides release.”

The new single is from the forthcoming release ‘Things That Were Lost’, available 28.3.2019.




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