Songwriter Lo Carmen
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In Her Own Words: Singer-Songwriter Lo Carmen on George Jones’ ‘The Grand Tour’ album

Songwriter Lo Carmen, New Album “Lovers, Dreamers, Fighters” is available @ iTunes.

Songwriter Lo Carmen


“Eleven tracks, George only co-wrote one of them. Who cares? He more than makes them all his own. And he looks so damn handsome on the cover of this one, it’s just the perfect package.

“The devastating opening lines of the title track delivered in George’s quavering, velvety baritone followed by the aching steel, the piano licks, the killer lyrics, Billy Sherrill’s subtle, tasty instrumentation and the elegant backing vocals from The Jordanaires set the stage for a pure Nashville album of elegiac odes to a woman who obviously doesn’t deserve his love.

“That kind of country cleverness that couches dreadful truths in ‘bumpkin’ sentiment throughout most of the tracks only makes it hit harder. ‘She’ll Love The One She’s With’, ‘She Told Me So’, ‘Who Will I Be Loving Now?’ and the half adorable/half heartbreaking paean to the former town ‘goodtime girl’ turned George’s girl (or is she?) “She Don’t Go Round No More’ all make you want to sit in a corner of a bar feeding a jukebox for the rest of your life. Leonard Cohen is on record saying he would like ‘The Grand Tour’ played at his funeral. I wrote a song called ‘I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell’ for my album as if I was writing it for George to sing on this…. a girl can dream!

“Though this album is over in under 30 minutes, it packs a punch that lasts a lifetime.”



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(The quote comes from the 5 Albums article for GTC.)



Filmed at Les Girls, Sydney Australia by David Biltmore.

Featuring Lo Carmen, Ian Rilen, Justine Clarke, Monica McMahon, Cathy Green, James Cruickshank, Peter Head, Jon Schofield, Jim Bowman, Don Walker.


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