Verity White
7. November 2018 By Walter Price 0

Three Reasons Why: The Multifaceted Sounds of Verity White

Verity White Band are available @ iTunes.

Verity White

by Walter Price


With a near constant blues-rock foundation. UK’s Verity White transitions between music genre with ease, if not a little uneven.  Hints of professional training, her vocal style shows a vast range. A recipe of rock, blues, and soul (and a little metal). At times,  operatic vocal acrobatics and at other moments, sultry bluesy swagger. Begging the question, “Who does this artist truly wants to be?”. Or does it matter? Amy Lee has made a career out of a similar blend. The rawness is refreshing and I’m confident she can bring a lounge’s crowd to its feet. With her talent obvious and with the right producer, White’s star will certainöly be on the rise.

If your a fan of Heart, Buck & Evans, and the before mentioned Amy Lee… you’ll find that the multifaceted Verity White is in your wheelhouse. Below I’ve shared three reasons why you should add this artist to your playlist(s).

Her latest album ‘Breaking Out’ (2017) is available now.



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Breaking Out


Fade Away


From The Light


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