Pyrite Dreams
29. November 2020 By Walter Price 0

PLAY IT AGAIN: Lungs and Limbs return w/ No Nos/ Pyrite Dreams [Nick Tudor, producer]

Lungs and Limbs – No Nos & Pyrite Dreams are available at Bandcamp.

Pyrite Dreams / Great Goodbye

by Walter Price

Finally, San Francisco’s Lungs and Limbs return with two fresh New Wave stunners, “No Nos” and “Pyrite Dreams”. The first, a sprawling multilayered/ bilingual track that’s a production dream and has a retro twist around every corner. While the second single is a lush and airy straightforward-ish indie-pop offering. One I liken to what it could sound like if Berlin were crafting modern pop songs.

Getting into the backstory of ‘No Nos”, the band’s Karina Rousseau is quoted, “This was a song that kind of wrote itself lyrically, starting with the chorus in Spanish. I think the message to take from it is that no matter how chaotic or challenging human society becomes walls are never a solution.” And guitarist/producer Nick Tudor explains “Pyrite Dreams”, “We love the 1980s so much and wanted to try our hands at writing something reminiscent of Paul Simon’s Graceland but with our own spin on it.”

Both spring/summer playlist-ready tracks are from the band’s forthcoming album, ‘Great Goodbye’, expected 27 March. But you can stream both singles now at the GTC. Winning.


No Nos / Pyrite Dreams

Artist photo by Jenna Marek

All songs, written and performed, by Lungs and Limbs.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Nick Tudor.

Lungs and Limbs
Kristen Power (synth, vocals)
Matt Power (drums)
Karina Rousseau (vocals, guitar)
Nick Tudor (guitar, vocals, synth)

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Their new LP, Great Goodbye, addresses the inevitability of change and the different ways of dealing with that. Lead singer Karina Rousseau says, “We’re dealing with so much as a species right now that we wanted to make a record that reflects our worries and apprehensions but is also upbeat and dynamic. The term “great goodbye” is about making the most of change and appreciating what we have while we have it.” – press release

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