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30. November 2020 By Walter Price 0

FRESH: NEW SPELL – Of Time (Remixed) EP

New Spell – Of Time (Remixed) EP is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music.

by Walter Price

During the height of the remix revolution in the 1980s, when you’d freak out over reimagined gems from Book of Love, Dead or Alive, New Order, and Camouflage, there was nothing more exciting when you went single shopping. By the late 80s, the trend became gimmicky and tired. Only to see the early 1990s trying to reinvigorate the genre but all it really was doing, for the most part, was rehashing Danceteria-styled duds.

This is now and once again, ironically, the current top of the pop charts stars are going back to the hallowed sounds of the ‘Me-First Decade’ to try and capture some of that ground-breaking underground style. But again, these efforts never really hold much artistic water.

But if you’re hungry for what once was in a brand new way, then the recent EP, ‘Of Time (Remixed)’ from San Francisco dark indie-pop makers New Spell is about to blow your mind. Like the golden days of pop experimentation, these 6 tracks travel a vast array of coolness. From Adam Brookes’ laying down his signature vibes on “Like Water”, Senzatimore killing it with an ambient slow-burner on “Never Change”, or Vandal Moon crafting danceable dreamscapes with “Home”, this set is a blast of authentic. As the other killer tracks by Akiyoshi Ehara, CTRO, and Maitre D will attest.

And you can stream this remarkable EP as well as New Spell’s entire back discography, now at the GTC.


+ New Spell discography

Article cover Photo by Edward Ng / Style by ERaeOn

Music & Lyrics by Leanne Kelly
Originals produced by Max Savage & New Spell

Art by Jacob Frautschi with photography by Ed Ng

Remixes by Vandal Moon, Akiyoshi Ehara, CTRO, Maitre D, Adam Brookes, and Senzatimore

of time

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Dark indie-pop project New Spell creates dynamic, cerebral music with a synth-based aesthetic. New Spell is known for lavish indie-pop that explores the impact of the digital age, climate change, and socio-cultural events on our lives and mental health.” – bio

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