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1. December 2020 By Walter Price 0

…wish I could, LESSER ANIMALS – Cannot Hang

Lesser Animals – Cannot Hang is available at Apple Music, Bandcamp, SoundCloud.

lesser animals

by Walter Price

Watertown, Mass’ Lesser Animals’ new single, “Cannot Hang”, starts off with a hint of Dick Dale just before it quickly transitions into sounds that will please most fans of The Walkabouts, James, and Deerhunter.

Weighty and written from vocalist James Sanderson’s lived struggles with bipolar disorder, the truths, at times, are tear-inducing. And with its indelible melody and indie rock perfection, this song’s message will not only ring very familiar with many but maybe provide a bit of connectivity as well.

I wrapped myself up in June
Left this afternoon
And now there’s snow on the ground
Feels like it’s too soon

I really wish I could
I wanna know what’s good, I cannot hang
If I invent a way to feel, is it enough to help me deal?

I’m sorry I didn’t call
Did you miss me at all?
Feels like I’m floating around
Instead of breaking your fall

“Cannot Hang” is from the forthcoming album ‘the feeling is real’, which is expected January 29, 2020. And you can stream this powerful single as well as link to the LP’s pre-order page, now at the GTC.


pre- order the feeling is real lp

+ Paraselene (2012)

Band collage courtesy of Public Display PR

Vocals – James Sanderson
Guitars – James Sanderson, Mike T Kerr, Noel Friesen
Bass – Mike T Kerr, Noel Friesen, Kevin Dempsey
Drums – Zach Wheeler
Organ – Noel Friesen
Alto/Baritone Sax – Kim Wheeler

All songs written by James Sanderson, Lesser Animals
Engineered and produced by Kim Wheeler
Mastered by James Krivchenia
Cover art by Susan M Davies

lesser animals

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If I’m even-keeled all the time, then nothing matters. There’s a part of me that’s scared that if it gets better, I won’t be able to feel any of the highs or lows anymore.” – James Sanderson

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