POSE American Factory
6. October 2022 By Walter Price 0

POSE American Factory (single)

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POSE American Factory

by Walter Price

When many rock-n-roll outfits try to capture the pure power of the deeply etched essence of the post-grunge alt-rock era, they often fall flat. Not the case with London trio POSE and their latest social conscience single “American Factory”.

As the song’s eerie vamp lulls you into a weird trance, the calm is pierced by a screeching guitar sound that’ll snap you back into the new reality the band has crafted for the occasion. Yes, the arrangement is slickly produced but it’s not long before vocalist Ruby’s Shirley Manson-esque blend of pop and punk delivery upsets the balance. This contrasting sound is pretty hard to deny. Like sand in butter.

The burgeoning folklore behind this song, which at first seems like just another easy jab at American society, is laid out in POSE’s press sheet as, “…a subtle introspection over the role schools and societies play in sculpting children into teenagers, almost as though they’ve come straight off of a production line.”

But as any great rock n roll song will allow— you’ll listen, decipher and mold the pointed lyrics into your own narrative. But what is clear, is that “American Factory” is a powderkeg that’ll move bodies and burst speakers worldwide.

You can turn it up, here at the GTC…

POSE American Factory

+ Nothing / Ten Miles

Band photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of 44faced PR

Ruby – Vocals / Guitar
Marc – Guitar / Vocals
Richard – Bass

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This desire to push creative boundaries is what POSE is all about and has seen them continue to create an unadulterated product into which they have poured their heart and soul.” – bio

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