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…Indie Queen of Berlin, KITTY SOLARIS Girls & Music

Kitty Solaris Girls & Music is available on Solaris Empire, BrokenSilence Records, Tidal

Kitty Solaris Girls & Music

by Walter Price

Call Kitty Solaris the Indie Queen of Berlin, a musical shapeshifter, a voice for empowerment, or just one of the most daring musicians/producers working today. All would be the truth. And today, her 8th studio album, “Girls & Music”, is celebrated at Maschinenhaus in Berlin. So let’s have a quick look at this much-respected new 10-track LP.

Solaris is as much about the Berlin music scene as she is about social equality and fairness for women in the music industry. Quiet a full plate for anyone to take on, but this artist, promoter, and record company boss makes it look almost easy…or necessary, if you will. And that is the overall vibe and messaging throughout “Girls & Music”. Of course, all of this is interwoven in between Solaris’ trademark multiple genres traversing, bizarre and danceable quirks, and weighty, to-the-point lyricism. Pure Solaris through and through.

Highlights are hard to single out on this solid tip-to-toe Damian Press collaboration album. But if you twist my arm hard enough, I’d suggest you take the far-out opener “As the World Stops Turning”, the ethereal carnival-vibed “Mystery Girl”, and (secretly my favorite track), “Disco Blues” for a spin…or, just be a mensch and go headlong into the full LP: Its the right thing to do…

Over the past several years, I’ve made it openly clear that Kitty Solaris is one of the most exciting creators in the music world. And “Girls & Music” fully reinforces my stance…Find out why and stream the entire LP here at the GTC.


Artist photo by Olga Blackbird // Bio quote courtesy of kitty-solaris.de

Girls & Music: Kitty Solaris // Damian Press

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β€œKitty SolarisΒ is cool and direct, soft, sincere, underground, and disco. And yes, all of it. She knows the best roads through the city and through its people.” – bio

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