ACTRESE Mind Your Love
17. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

NEW! ACTRESE Mind Your Love

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ACTRESE Mind Your Love

by Walter Price

Celestrial and emotive is a good way to start to describe burgeoning synth-pop artist ACTRESE’s recent love-is-a-battlefield single “Mind Your Love”. With rich vocals and a splash of Phil Collins-esque beats cradled by a swirling soundtrack, this stinging track aims for the heavens. “It comes from a place of my inner dialogue, subconscious choices, and the aftertaste of passing time to battle people’s ignorance of the big picture.’’, the London-based up-and-comer shares.

On Facebook, there’s a short clip with the singer strumming a slice of this single on an acoustic guitar that adds even more dimension to what this artist can do. So, if you want in on the ground floor of a promising career, Stream “Mind Your Love”, here at the GTC.

ACTRESE Mind Your Love

Artwork, quotes, and photo courtesy of ACTRESE

Written by ACTRESE
Produced by William Baxter

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I wish I didn’t give out my love at all
I could’ve saved it for me
I was chasing my heart for a little too long
It was running wild after all the wrong boys

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