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12. April 2015 By Walter Price 0

Evan Egerer Distance

evan egererby Walter Price


There is nothing weird, avant-garde or basement experimental about Pasco, WA’s Evan Egerer. Egerer is rooted in family, devotion and the sort of rock n’ roll that has delighted blues oriented tunes lovers for generations and counting.

He has parted ways with his Tribe and over the last months been delving into a series of covers (which he’s chronicled in YouTube vids) in what I assume was to stretch himself,  gain some standalone confidence and prepare for the long road ahead. A twisty path of a solo artist that is unknown and overflowing with thrills and hopes. Evan told me of his recent soloness, “Long story (and probably the same one that lots of bands have). In the end, I’ll always miss playing with a full band, but I’m finding that my career is moving forward much faster as a solo project anyway, so it seems to be working out. There are definitely times where I wish I had a rhythm section behind me, but this way I don’t have to keep the rhythm section practiced up and committed. So yeah, it’s just “Evan Egerer” now.”

His new modern classic 3 track EP Distance explodes with personality, passion, bluesy vocals and rich stories that highlight his depths in songwriting. If Evan Egerer wants to be the next earnest music maker to conquer popular radio, and I safely assume he does, Distance is huge steps forward for this music man.

Egerer was cool enough to chat with me a track by track of the new EP.

On My Way

Alright, this song definitely started with the chorus, but when I wrote it, the only thing I had in my head was “Lift your head from your pillow.” I find a lot of the songs I write start off that way, with one line of lyric and melody. I end up writing the whole rest of the song around it. This one was also originally on my previous EP, but I was never satisfied with my own performance of it. I wanted to go back and do it right for this acoustic EP, and I feel like I finally got it.

Carry Me Home

This one’s the first song I ever wrote with the intention of putting out music under my own name. It’s kind of heavy in lyric. I was sitting on a farm one morning with my guitar, just thinking about how hard we all try to be good. But no matter how good of a person any of us may be, we’re still going to be broken and far short of perfect. In the end, it all comes down to the chorus. On a less serious note, the vocal style on the chorus came during a huge Black Label Society listening spree. Who would’ve thought?


Ah, this song. I had just gone solo, and it made traveling kind of a drag at times. I came home one day, messed up a guitar part that I was trying to play, and the result was the chord progression for this song. That night, I was giving my daughter a bath and the entire rest of the song just popped into my head while I was washing her hair. As soon as the bath was done, I ran out to show my wife and we both knew I was onto something good.


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