James Harries Diamond Girl
16. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

…to save us both, JAMES HARRIES Diamond Girl

James Harries Diamond Girl [Hiraeth, LP] is available on Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal

James Harries Diamond Girl

by Walter Price

What’s more addictive than the many faces of love? What are the reflections that flow when you need to decide whether to stay or go? Timeless conundrums and the fodder for many a weighty song throughout the ages. And the recent James Harries single “Diamond Girl” reminisces about the balance of a love that’s perhaps better let go as well as a possible self-induced problem or two tearing at the stitchings.

Co-written by Viliam Béreš, this single’s duality is beautifully told through a smooth folk-pop lense, a style that Harries revisits quite often. A tone that’s arguably this Czech Republic-based storyteller’s comfort zone.As Harries has been quoted, “Every time I’ve made a record, I’ve tried to make it different from the last one. But no matter what I do, it’s still my voice and sense of melody that tie things together.”

“Diamond Girl” is the lead track from the exquisite and nostalgic new “Hiraeth” LP. “This is my post-covid therapy album—I escaped to a friend’s remote house in the mountains to record a long list of songs that I’d written over an 18-month period when I wasn’t able to tour and was recovering from an accident that left me unable to play guitar for 4 months. I intended it to be a completely solo record but then I ran into a friend from the Czech Philharmonic and got carried away. So I called in a few other friends and it took on a life of its own.”, James recalls.

James Harries, like many of your favorite historied musicians, is a true-to-the-art songwriter. Who travels seemingly effortlessly between sounds, textures, and memories from each album and single but what remains a constant is that this songwriter is always in search of the truth, and when he finds it, it’s magic.

You can stream “Diamond Girl” as well as see its Petr Lexa-directed music video which also features Judit Pechacek, here at the GTC.


Artist photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of James Harries

Diamond Girl written & recorded by James Harries & Viliam Béreš

VIDEO: Directed & Edited by: Petr Lexa
DOP: Michael Nováček
Featuring: Judit Pechacek
Makeup: Monika Sonk, Michaela Kučerová
Special Thanks: Ben Souček and the whole family, David Landštof

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I hope you find what you’re looking for
I’ll try my best not to darken your door
Like last time
No not like last time
I almost stayed Lord how I came close
But I had to leave to save us both
Know that I love you
I’ll always love you

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