In Your House There
15. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

…sing to me, JANE WILLOW ft. Naomi SV In Your House There

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In Your House There

by Walter Price

Jane Willow’s original LP (Burn So Bright, 2021) version of “In Your House There” ft. Pat Byrne can be described as bittersweet, hauntingly beautiful, or perhaps pulchritudinous and can arguably trace its sound DNA to seminal Markéta Irglová & Glen Hansard’s Swell Season. But the track may even have a deeper lineage. In a Bandcamp post, Willow says the track’s origin story begins with Leonard Cohen. Which, in context, brings everything together.

This is now, or more recently to be precise, and Jane Willow had teamed up with Candian harpist Naomi SV for an even more stripped back ‘live’ version of the single, and it’s as substantial as the original. The vibe has changed oh so slightly taking on a somewhat lullaby persona with its sprinkling of xylophone innocence and emotive vocals, it’s simply enchanting.

In the same Bandcamp post, Willow adds depth to this journey, “This live version of ‘In Your House There’ features the awesome Naomi SV on harp, who also filmed the music video for the album version of ‘In Your House There’.—In April 2022 I decided to go to Montreal, not only to see Leonard Cohen’s birthplace but also to meet Naomi! It was so nice and I was so happy. And we even ended up recording a few more videos together. I was so happy with our live recording of ‘In Your House There’ that I wanted to release it.”

Here at the GTC, you can experience both versions of the poetic and picturesque homage to Cohen.

JANE WILLOW ft. Naomi SV In Your House There

+ Jane Willow ft. Pat Byrne

Article cover photo via YouTube // Quotes via Bandcamp

Jane Willow ft Naomi SV
Written by Jane Willow
Vocals: Jane Willow
Harp: Naomi SV
Mixed & Mastered by Audioland Studios, Leixlip
Single artwork photography by Naomi SV

Jane Willow ft. Pat Byrne
Produced by Anthony Gibney & Jane Willow
Mastered by Simon Francis Mastering
String Arr.: Joe Csibi
Bass & Ukelele: Jane Willow
Keys: Scott Flanigan

jane willow // naomi sv // pat byrne

You can make this world
look so kind now
look so gentle
look so sweet

Sing to me my love
from your dark room
In your house there
by the sea

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