sigrid high five
11. May 2018 By Walter Price 0

Sigrid High Five and lyric video

Sigrid High Five is available on iTunes.

sigrid high five

by Walter Price


This is a fun one. If you read these GTC pages, you know I’ve been an early fan of Norwegian pop-sensation Sigrid (Sigrid Solbakk Raabe). Not because I love the other side of what the current standard for what pop music has become (but I do), but due to the honesty of this artist’s approaches.  Yeah, I love her less produced work more but that is neither here nor there at this point. She has become a massive critical darling and fan fave.

Let’s forget that for a bit and switch things to my home. A place where lots of music is being played, obviously. I tend to want my kids (daughter 8 and son 7) to learn and understand the music I grew up with mixed with the newer acts I’m getting into. So we’ll easily go from The Smiths, Alison Moyet, The Cure into NRVS LVRS, Dangermaker, and Sigrid. It’s an atmosphere that makes perfect sense.

So a few days ago I was listening to tracks looking for some inspiration and my 8-year-old came in and got a groove on Sigrid’s “High Five”. A track often heard around these parts. She suggested I do a write-up on this one. But to be fair, I had her have a seat and listen to several other songs but she insisted I talk about the realness of Sigrid’s single.

Oh, everybody loves a show
Lights on, they all go home
You won’t let anybody close
That high five is all you got
Ooh, they keep saying you’re the best
You ask and they say, “Yeah”
Ooh, when you add up what is left
That high five is all you got

A song, that is a tale of the pursuit of acceptance and happiness and how the loneliness of false coolness will consume you. Or is it an interpersonal introspection of the same. Both could be probable reasons why people start blogs in the first place. But let’s not focus on that. Let’s all get into adulations being authentic and the tactile meaningful high fives that will come.

In my little one’s own words, “I like the way she does this.” … And, a side note: one of her fave parts of the song’s video is the notebook artwork. Something my little one does and can relate to.




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