12. May 2018 By Walter Price 0

Three Reasons Why it’s time to rock Kittenhead (LA)

Kittenhead are available on Bandcamp.


by Walter Price


“Because everyone likes a little pussy” and those same people love themselves some good ole rock n’ roll. I should know, I’m a part of that crowd and West Hollywood’s Kittenhead are purveyors of solid So-Cal-roller derby rock. A little punk, hints of metal, smidges of rockabilly, memories of Pennywise, and a whole lotta fun.

Faking a good time is so lame and easily spotted from a mile away. And in a world where far too many bands are taking themselves and their ‘art’ so damn seriously that it takes the bop and bounce out of their wares, digging into a band like Kittenhead is a treat. Rock on.

Let’s check out three reasons why it’s time to rock yourself some Kittenhead. Your summer soundtrack just got a huge dose of heady.



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