Pearl Charles 17 July 2020
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Three (newer) Reasons Why Going Her Own Way, Pearl Charles

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Pearl Charles

by Walter Price


It’s been a minute since we checked in with the multifaceted artist that is Pearl Charles. Although much of the LA-based Charles’ music is steeped in the past, it is extremely hard to pigeonhole. Whether she’s going country-tinged soft-rock, psychedelic-garage or if she is just trying out new sonic recipes, the results are more often than not, seductively intoxicating.

On her recent single, “Sweet Sunshine Wine”, the vibes are sunny California as the sound reminds you of those Olivia Newton-John, Karen Carpenter hits from eras past. That is before the spark of psych slips in, reminiscent of Charles’ The Blank Tapes past. A Summertime playlist staple is born.

The next two tracks come from Charles’ 2018 album ‘Sleepless Dreamer’  (Kanine Records). An album that is by far her most ambitious production to date. Again, lots of breezy California air and thoughts of Fleetwood Mac’s heyday soft-rock all over the album and the two singles I’m featuring here. The title track and “All The Boys”, If these two songs prove anything about Pearl or about anything at all, is that, if you stay true to who you are and go your own way, authenticity will thrive.

Pearl Charles has been in music all her life. And no matter which incarnation we find her testing the waters, the results are going to be remarkable.


Sweet Sunshine Wine

Lyric video by Morgans Brother.

Sleepless Dreamer

VIDEO: Huge thanks to director Melodi Meadows, Robert Lee Hull III, Chloe & Chenille Delgadillo, Katia Garcia & Cole Benedetti.

All The Boys

Directed by Cherokee Nea


Pearl Charles

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