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See you through, WKND SPIN: LOVERS & POETS – “Nevergonnastop” (single)

Lovers & Poets – “Nevergonnastop” is available now @ iTunes.


by Walter Price


As we fade into Summer its time to dial up the feelgood tunes to soundtrack our season of righteous vibes. LA’s Lovers & Poets’ got your back single “Nevergonnastop” is a bright chill. Reminiscent of amalgamated elements of Sade, Book of Love and 70s AM soft-rock radio, the track is a reassurance that your loved-one need not worry whatever paths they may take, you’ll be right there. Unwavering. Vocalist Shannon Hurley’s subtle delivery is a whispery-warm power that induces a soothing state of mind. All cradled by a timeless synth groove.

When your heart is feeling broken
Baby I’ll be there for you
When you’re caught up in emotion
I know a way to get you through
You’ll get through
I’m never gonna stop…

If you’re looking for the perfect smooth operator of a tune to kickstart your summer, take this song for a few spins and add it to your sunny playlist. We have, GTC WKND SPIN

Lovers & Poets have announced a new single, “Keep Breaking My Heart”, due 14 June. Follow the links below for updates.



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