Paul Jacobs
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…giving our lives away, PAUL JACOBS Most Delicious Drink

Paul Jacobs – Pink Dogs on the Green Grass is available at Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.

Paul Jacobs

by Walter Price

The latest solo LP, ‘Pink Dogs on the Green Grass‘, from Pottery drummer Paul Jacobs is chock-full of odes to the heyday of folky psych-rock. So much connective tissue to the Laural Canyon sound, Pet Sounds, and the late great Roky Erickson with lyrical poetry akin to what fans of Kurt Vile will dig.

For example, the single, “Most Delicious Drink”, is as crunchy as it is cinematic. In place of giving you my interpretation of this trippy track, I’ll let you read a couple of weighty lyrics as you soak up the sounds…

We walked into the front door and Sue became excited
Everyone was there, everyone we invited
Soon we’ll share a laugh with some ghost stuck in the past
Just sipping on a drink that you wish would last forever
The most delicious drink

Now I find it hard to sleep with this stuck on my mind
Well these things always happen oh yeah, just from time to time
And if I showed my face then you’d know what I mean
That nothing is for certain oh yeah, well that’s just how it seems

Jacobs has a way of phrasing that makes it difficult not to think that this songwriter isn’t writing and telling to please you, rather he’s crafting narratives for his own needs and we’re just lucky enough to witness them. Is that arrogant? Nah, it’s the only way.

You can stream “Most Delicious Drink” as well as see its music video, now at the GTC.

PAUL JACOBS Most Delicious Drink

Artist photo via YouTube

Songs by Paul Jacobs

Mastered by Oliver Ackermann

Video by Paul Jacobs
w/ additional help from Meagan Callen, Evan Sharma

Paul Jacobs

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When you came over to my house that day
I knew something was the matter yeah, you had something to say
Do you feel like getting something to eat? Yeah sure
I knew something was the matter

We’ve been giving our lives away
We are going in for work today

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