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…waiting to see, JACOB WEIL Letters From Away

Jacob Weil – Letters From Away is available at Apple Music, Bandcamp, Spotify.

Jacob Weil

by Walter Price

The recent single “Letters From Away” from Vancouver songwriter Jacob Weil started life as an on-the-road lament from a touring artist living in the in-between moments of sending a late-night message and the eventuality of the recipient reading it. As the singer, in a quote provided to the GTC, explains, “This track is about the disconnect in conversation that happens with distance, the feelings and tensions that build from spending long periods of time away from the person you love, and about missing out on big life events simply because you are always on the road.”

But, as any well-written song can do, the lyrics also easily fit into individual scenarios as well. In the new era, we were forced into the last couple of years, many people were sequestered far from home, loved ones, and familiar connections. So, if you’ve never toured but now know the feeling of the discombobulated spaces between conversations, this soft rock beauty will find a sweet spot in your favorite home-is-where-the-heart-is playlist.

Told me over the phone
How you’re doing at home
Hesitation in your voice
We’re both paying the price to roam

And when we gave you back
I was in Minnesota
Still rings in my ears
The last words that I told you

And now, I’m waiting to see
Just how long it might well be
Before the next time I read
All your letters from away

You can stream the soulful “Letters From Away” as well as Weils Top Spotify Tracks, now at the GTC.

JACOB WEIL Letters From Away

Artist photo by Sam Lynch

Jacob Weil: Piano, Vocals
Sam Weber: Guitars
Tejas Leier Heyden: Bass
Danny Austin-Manning: Drums, Percussion
Daniela Gunn-Deorge: Background/Harmony Vocals

Recorded, distantly, at Stella Sound Studio (Los Angeles, CA) & Studio Divine (Ashland, OR)
Produced and Mixed by Sam Weber
Additional Engineering by Luca Focale
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova

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Jacob Weil

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I wrote “Letters From Away” while on tour, scribbling away in the Notes app on my phone after shows, thinking about how the time difference or the fact that we’d be playing late meant that the messages I’d send, and the things I wanted to say, wouldn’t be read or heard for hours.” – J. Weil

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