devon again
3. August 2021 By Walter Price 0

…you taste like, DEVON AGAIN Suburbia

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devon again

by Walter Price

“Did I write a hot girl summer anthem, the hot girl summer anthem? No. I did not. Did I write the Help, I’m in love with a married woman, summer anthem? I believe so.”, burgeoning pop star Devon Again ponders aloud just before she gleefully jams to her very own summer smash in a TikTok post.

The song that has tongues wagging is called “Suburbia” and it flips the script on the time-honored experience of being in love with the seemingly unattainable. When you’re in the midst of infatuation and watching a relationship and all its intricacies unfold and knowing you can do it better are just the things to build a twisty pop song on. And this one, with its indelible R&B bounce and brilliant wordsmithery, is an instant car windows down, volume to the top romp!

And you know just what you’re doing
Just looking for someone to ruin your plan
I’ll be your mid-day amusement
Cuz night time is saved for the faking

If you asked me I would stay
I have to leave
He’s on his way

No, you taste like Suburbia
Two cars and custom furniture
You’re walk-in closet rendezvous
I wish that I was home to you

And speaking of ‘romp’, the music video, directed by Aerin Moreno, will have you looking at perceived domestic bliss, afternoon delights, and baked beans with brand new eyes. Just like the track itself, it’s gay, fun, and absolutely unforgettable. And you stream the there’s nothing sexier than being a paramour “Suburbia” and witness its necessary to be naughty film, now at the GTC.


Artists photo via YouTube

Director & Editor: Aerin Moreno
DP & Color: Madison McKamey
Producer: L.E. Seydel
Executive Producer: Tough Fruit Music & Nate Ainley

Set Designer: Taylor Venegas
Creative Director: Nikki Taro
Maid: Devon Again
Wife: Kay Loren
Husband: Tim Gruber

devon again

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I wish there was some spicy back story to this song. But the chorus was really just a shower thought I had upon some brief reflection of a crush I had on a girl a couple years back who was very much not available. The song loosely follows me and my hypothetical suburban lover through our affair. The main theme throughout the song is being upset that she doesn’t love me the way she loves her husband. I want to be the person she comes home to, but instead, I go directly to her home and leave when she’s done with me.” – DA

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