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2. April 2019 By Walter Price 0

Fresh Metaphysical Single: THE Y AXES – “Moon” (from ‘No Waves’, out 6 June 2019)

“Moon” is from the forthcoming ‘No Waves’ album via iTunes / Bandcamp.

no waves

by Walter Price


 Is ‘nothing’ better than the consequences of clinging to something? Disquiet vs. self, at what point does one break, or run? How much peer acceptance is truly needed? Are you feeling anything at all? Metaphysical ponderings that keep many of us awake at night, looking towards the sky for answers. And The Y Axes’ recent single, “Moon”, grasps these contemplations head on.

As this band continues to expand and perfect their sound, a key element for this outfit is vocalist Alexi Belchere’s ability to lay her realities and fears out there for the world to absorb and relate. Angst, various incarnations of love, and idealism have always made great fodder for song, and, again, The Y Axes have them in substantial quantity.

“Moon” is from the forthcoming album ‘No Waves’, due 6 June 2019. You can also check out the “Patch Me Up” (Navidissocool Remix) below.



Alexi Belchere – Devin Nelson – Paul Conroy – Jack Sundquist + Alan Chen

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