13. September 2013 By Walter Price 0

Pop Isn’t Country: Meet Whiskey Myers

I’ve been spending time listening to a ton of John David Kent these past days and his tracks took me back to The Marshall Tucker Band and that got me to thinking about Texas natives Whiskey Myers. Oh the beauty of music and the circles they create in your life and mind.

Cody Cannon, Gary Brown, Jeff Hogg, Cody Tate and John Jeffers make up this southern rock, bluesy, country infused with a bit of hard rock outfit. They craft songs about life. Probably not the kind of lives you see the pretty people living but people like you and I. A band that fits well in a honky tonk, biker bar, college campus and certainly in your earbuds. 

The GTC recommends: ‘Road of Life‘ (’08) & ‘Firewater‘ (’11)

Here is a bit from their official bio.

Loud and proud, they sing about what they know with a refreshing directness and clarity. Some call it rebel music, but it’s more like everyday soul. Their songs are stories, with characters and situations that are immediately relatable. Stories of celebration, mourning, trials and triumph. Through the quality of these songs, and their undeniable power in concert and on record, the band has attracted a devoted army of outspoken fans who pack venues, sing the band’s praises online and continue to make Whiskey Myers a growing word-of-mouth sensation. 

Wouldn’t it be great for someone to put together a JDK/Whiskey Myers tour of Germany? 

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