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Biffy Clyro: Opposites On Tour

Biffy Clyro – “Opposites” out now

Scottish rockers, Biffy Clyro, have announced some much needed US tour stops via their official website.

The band is out in support of their latest rock extravaganza, the double album, Opposites. Which hit the streets last January with a new multi-layered sound and very interesting instrumentation choices, on some tracks, this release is keeping the critics and this fan in ah and/or slight confusion. 

Biffy Clyro, already one of the best bands to listen to through headphones, seems to have set out to create some sort of epic statement that I haven’t figured out yet. But still worth a purchase and absolutely worth the price of a concert ticket! 

Here is a bit from NME.com

The adventure starts smoothly enough. But when spiky guitars meet harp strums on third track ‘Sounds Like Balloons’, things get scary. The lyrics reference the titles of both discs, refer to its painstaking, year-long production and proffer a warning to those voyaging inside this XXL-sized album: “Ancient Rome, they built that fucker stone by stone/ This is not for your entertainment”, it barks. But its bark is worse than its bite. The song ‘Opposites’ follows, and it takes us into soft-rock territory, recalling – gulp – Scots rockers Del Amitri. But the genius of Biffy Clyro has always been to straddle the line between experimental and anthemic. It’s a knack that saw their 2010 single ‘Many Of Horror’ creep its way to Number One in the Trojan Horse-like disguise of X Factor winner Matt Cardle’s debut single ‘When We Collide’. It’s a knack displayed again two tracks later on ‘Biblical’, a song with a chorus so massive it already sounds like 80,000 Reading festivalgoers are singing along. That’s how the first disc continues, flipping between edgy and anthemic – Biffy’s best modes. Sometimes it happens on the same track: ‘Little Hospitals’ pits a juggernaut chorus against a guitar solo that sounds like Brian May playing oompah style. A pained atmosphere hangs over CD1 , broken only by the bit in ‘The Joke’s On Us’ when “our souls” sounds like “arseholes”. -Dan Stubbs (Review at NME.com)

I am almost certain that, Opposites, will become their most memorable work when it’s all said and done. Who wants their rock bands recording the same album over and over again anyway? Right?!

US Tour Dates
28 Sep – Charlotte,NC
29 Sep -Washington DC
01 Oct – Pawtucket, RI
02 Oct – Allston, MA
05 Oct – Detroit
06 Oct – Chicago
07 Oct – Columbus, OH
09 Oct – Brooklyn, NY
10 Oct – Philly, PA

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