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20. May 2021 By Walter Price 0

HILOTRONS – Theme from Lonely Cinema

HILOTRONS – Theme from Lonely Cinema is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

by Walter Price

The recent release “Theme from Lonely Cinema” from Ottawa composer HILOTRONS [Mike Dubue] is whimsy, dark, a bit science fiction-y, and even hints of the macabre and Spaghetti Western. It’s out there for sure and it’s enthralling. As Dubue explains it, “I think of this theme song as the ultimate spy-conspiracy soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist. It captures the feeling of anxiety and displacement that can come from feeling outside of society.”

With any non-conventional song, this one will transcend the creator’s intentions and that’s a great thing. As with works by Dutch Falconi and Fredrik Kinbom this arrangement will certainly find interpretation and purpose differently with each listener. And there within lies its magic.

The accompanying music video, created by Arturo Brisindi (aka Hard Science) and edited by Dubue, is akin to the pre-laser gel-slide Pink Floyd light experiments used at their early underground shows. Psychedelic and kaleidoscoping colors and lines twisting as they shapeshift into ever-changing hypnotizing patterns. It’s a trip well worth taking more than once.

HILOTRONS promises that this track is just the start of a trilogy called ‘Lonely Cinema’ and you can follow the artist’s links below for more details and updates. But today, you can stream “Theme from Lonely Cinema” and see its mind-bending visuals, now at the GTC.

HILOTRONS – Theme from Lonely Cinema

Artist photo by Rémi Thériault (as seen in Ottawa Magazine)

Composed, performed, produced, and mixed by Mike Dubue at Studio Cimetière in Quyon, QC
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab Studio.
Assistant Recording Engineers: Erin Flynn, Claire Bestland
Collage art by Ming Wu

Video / Visual Effects by Arturo Brisindi (aka Hard Science) and created with the LZX Video System. Edited by Mike Dubue

Mike Dubue hilotron

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I have an analog approach to recording. With this particular song, I set the sound stage by using the ceiling mics of my 168-year-old church, which is home to Studio Cimetière in Quyon, Québec.” – M. Dubue

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