12. September 2013 By Walter Price 0

The Blank Tapes On The Road Again

Although The Blanks Tapes won’t see Europe in the near future you can tell your favorite cousin in the Eastern part of the US that they have announced fresh dates via their official website! (The band of joy is also hitting the West Coast as well.)

“(Matt) Adams is a prolific songwriter with the knack of conjuring up good time pop vibes and hard beat Rock N’ Roll in an effortless and full mix of authentic musical soul.. ” – C. Price (The GTC)

In support of their latest, good vibe providing, title Vacation this will be a show cousin Sue Beth won’t want to miss! Especially since TBT will be playing with Sean Hayes a good portion of the outing.

Tour Dates

25/09/13 – New York, NY
26/09/13 – Providence, RI
27/09/12 – Burlington, VT
28/09/13 – Cambridge, MA
29/09/13 – Philadelphia, PA
30/09/13 – Arlington, VA

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