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Splack! Pow! VIDEO: THE MERCY KILLS – “Supersonic” (film by Strongman Pictures)

The Mery Kills – Supersonic is available @ Bandcamp.

by Walter Price


What if Alan Parker and Gerald Scarfe enlisted Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Flash Gordon to team up to become the most kick-ass glam superhero rockers ever, and have them save the world? The video for The Mercy Kills’ single “Supersonic” has that kinda outrageous feel. Created by TMK’s goto film studio, Strongman Pictures (and artwork by the band’s very own Jen X), the imagery is a smorgasbord of comic book greatness. Interspecies robot and creator love, dinosaurs, killer pig army, aliens, Barbie looking for a highway dalliance, and odes to so much more. Its colorful look at today’s dark culture. And it is everything you’ve been wanting.

Not only has Strongman Pictures worked with TMK over the years, but they’ve also turned out some killer films for Tequila MockingByrd, Ablaze, Jenna Dwyer, and more. Check out their work here.

It’s always a nice day for blowing stuff up, so get your shit together and check out “Supersonic” below. Bleep Bleep Bloop, Splack! Pow!…



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