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NEW FOLK SOUNDS: MOLLY TUTTLE – “Messed With My Mind” (When You’re Ready LP)

Molly Tuttle – “When You’re Ready” order information available @ Compass Records.

Molly Tuttle

by Walter Price


Between the increasingly urgent pleas from mates to check out her music and the steady flow of music industry accolades, I can now say that I’ve waited far too long to get into the beautiful sounds of Molly Tuttle.

An artist, so adept at her craft that her music, like a light breeze, easily becomes a part of the atmosphere. At times, giving way to a false sense that her approach to folk and bluegrass is effortless. Yet, not many artists, at 25 yrs of age, can delivery such subtle complexity.

Adding to the already stunning sonic scenery, Tuttle’s voice has an immer-caressing tone. Regardless if it’s coming from strife or triumph. Her recent single, “Messed With My Mind”,  seems to have its roots in a bit of both. Struggling with conflict, forging a new path, and finding your way home again. But the journey is often dotted with ostensibly insurmountable obstacles. #Perseverance

“Messed With My Mind” is featured on the Tuttle’s forthcoming debut LP, ‘When You’re Ready’, due 5 April 2019.



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