meat clown
9. June 2017 By Walter Price 0

Hey, sorry to say, but your band name sucks!

Sorry to hear about your band name, let The GTC help. sorry   Coming up with a band name or an alias for those basement dwelling singer-songwriters looking for a nice disguise to hide your fears, And face it, Stryper and Death From Above 1979 are taken (allegedly)…The GTC team has decided to come up with some fresh ideas for you in what we are calling, Your Band Name Sucks. This week’s suggestion:  


  Origin: The meat meme floating around with the funny faced bologna seems to have people in stitches. Well, not the ones who live in Europe and know that this delicious bread accoutrement  is a popular fave for kids and older folks alike. Plus, Meat Clown is hilarious and snarky. Thoughts: Emo bands (if new ones are even coming up), that singer/songwriter with a taste for the insane or that cover band looking for something meaty to get themselves noticed.   Totally unrelated song: