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10. June 2017 By Walter Price 0

VIDEO: Ice Cube – Good Cop Bad Cop

Ice Cube – Death Certificate (25th Anniversary Edition)  available now.

ice cube

by Walter Price


Ice Cube has a 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF 1991’s landmark album “Death Certificate”. The set contains three new tracks. One of the new tracks, “Good Cop Bad Cop”, standing above all. Not just on this release but above all tracks in hip hop and all genres.

This isn’t a “Fuck The Police” leaning track, this is an old school straight to the point social commentary further exposing a subject matter that plagues society. The bad cops who seemingly get away with transgressions and little action taken by the good cops who could take them down. Police policing their own may go against the ‘blue code’ but that so-called code is outdated and likely the most dangerous phenomenon plaguing communities.

Good cop, good cop, rollin’ with that bad cop
What you doing boy, turning that blood clart
Buckshot shot, they fire through the drug spot
Robots, can’t give a damn who the fuck’s shot
Clean cop, clean cop, fucking with that dirty cop
Don’ act like yo ass never heard of that
Clean cop, Clean cop, rollin’ with that mean cop
Still tryna’ act proud as peacock
You know that mean cop might need a detox
Motherfucker’ tryna blow me out my Reebox but I swing like Jack and the Beanstalk
Chop them down, when these bitches tryna lock me down
Hit the ground, hit the turf – walk the earth
Cube kidnap your mind, Patty Hearst
Bust a verse, that make your ass hit reverse
Kill the curse that was placed on the universe
West coast, warlord
Blacker, than the black knight
Fuck a black and white, the winner ain’t actin’ right
Good cop, good cop fillin’ out your report
Bad cop asking you to distort
Bad cop asking you to lie in court
Send another young brother up north
Send another young sister off course
While these motherfuckers chill on the golf course




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