19. July 2014 By Walter Price 0

New Music: Tell My Darling

By J.P. Kallio

This week I am in Bondeno in Italy as you read this. We are about to start this summer’s tour with Sliotar, and the first show is on 19th of July in Bundan Celtic Festival, a wonderful festival in the north of Italy. From my past experience I know Wifi is not so readily available, but as soon as I get online, I’ll be posting lot of photos.
This week’s song “Tell My Darling” is once again a story song. I’m sure most of us have done silly things under the influence of love. The character of this week’s song is a hardworking man, but times are tough, wage is just about enough to survive. Still he would like to ask his sweet heart to be his bride. The problem is that he thinks she deserves nothing less than the best, but the best is well out of his reach. So he decides to try to break in to a jewelry store in a hopes he can get his love the nicest diamond ring there is. But things get out of hand, and as a result all she gets is a boyfriend locked up in prison for a murder.
Now this week’s song I don’t ask you to share with someone who might have experienced some things similar, as I really hope none of you have… But If you like the song, feel free to share it. Big thank you once again to Brian O’Shea for the wonderful job he did with his banjo in this track.
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