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Have A Drink, Cobra Ramone Slip Into The All-Time Top 10

Hard to believe that we are here again celebrating another shakeup of The GTC All-Time Top 10. We are, so huge and sturdy congratulations to Canada’s Cobra Ramone and their thick blues scented Rock N’ Roll.
It was just 8 July that Cobra and Trevor Snakedust sat down for a little chat about what makes this band tick n’ rock. The interview that had Cobra say, “I really think it’s important to be nice and kind. People are usually surprised by how nice my band is in person and I love that. I think everyone has some rage and darkness so that’s a very real part of me and I don’t hide it well sometimes. We’re fortunate to have a less destructive way to emit those feelings through music. Sometimes i’d like to set things on fire though. We also kind of love strip-clubs. If done right, they can be very empowering places! They represent a desire and taboo and this unsayable thing that we try to get across in our music. We want strippers in seedy strip-clubs to dance to our songs and feel bad-ass while they do it.”
And later Snakedust added, “All those screaming adoring fans…jeesh. Keep it down! We’re trying to rock up here!! (I love you too ladies!)”
If you haven’t had a chance to check out the stuffed with gritty intrigue back and forth, please do. Then check out the band’s EP The Flood (’09) and Cobra Ramone (’12) as the band prepare to unleash more bone and soul crackin’ rock. 
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