NAYAH Trouble The Water
16. March 2022 By Walter Price 0

NEW! NAYAH Trouble The Water

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NAYAH Trouble The Water

by Walter Price

The power of frustration is sewn throughout the recent single, “Trouble The Water”, from Danish-Israeli singer NAYAH. A TikTok-era anthem for all who’ve endured too much of a turbulent relationship. Co-written by pop-scribes Sebastian Owens and Marcus Elkjer, this track stands as an empowering lament on breaking free.

The slowburn track is best described by the performer herself, “I had to try and cultivate the anger in order to finally be able to free myself from him and the unhealthy relationship we had built…Especially the chorus is a tsunami of anger – an anger that actually turned out to be absolutely crucial for me to finally be able to move on”

Exasperation, the need to free one’s self, and the absolute desire to be in control are written all over this stout new single from this pop star on the rise and you can stream it now, at the GTC.

NEW! NAYAH Trouble The Water

Artist photo by Anders Olsen // Quote courtesy of Potato Head PR

Written by NAYAH, Sebastian Owens, and Marcus Elkjer

NAYAH Trouble The Water

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Save your wishes
Cause I’ll be burning bridges
Oh no there’s nothing left to mention
You’re just an echo in the distance

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