Felix Subway We Are Your Friends
15. March 2022 By Walter Price 0

…sentimental panic, FELIX SUBWAY We Are Your Friends

Felix Subway We Are Your Friends is available on YouTube.

Felix Subway We Are Your Friends

by Walter Price

Especially now, after a couple of years of physical and mental stresses at their apex, the strain of the medical system’s dual roles (perceived trust and actual care given), has never been more scrutinized. Which is the foundation of the beautifully pointed new single, “We Are Your Friends”, from songwriter Felix Subway.

In a press snippet, the track is explained, ‘We Are Your Friends’ is, in the words of the author, Felix Subway (real name Alfie Scheinman), “a sinister song” about the relationship between mental illness and medical care, about friendship and “friendship in brackets” and the relation between irrationality and magic.”

This is a song balanced by both its delicateness and its understandable concern, the message here is powerful and resilient. Only made more palpable by not only the calmness of Kate Ronconi’s soothing violin and Rob Lloyd’s guitar licks but by its overwhelmingly peaceful protest throughout, à la Cat Stevens or Jim Croce. Not to mention its psych brilliance brought to life by the accompanying music video.

Directed by Felix Subway and produced by John Williams, the visuals are trippy, if not a bit scary as well. Kinda like navigating the relationship between patient and medical ‘experts’ can be. Both the single and its video are quite the statement on the status quo systems that are supposed to be in place to care for us all. A system that’s daunting and broken, at best.

“We Are Your Friends” is here to remind us that we don’t have to scream to prove a point and you can watch its film ahead of the single being released on all streaming platforms, now at the GTC.

FELIX SUBWAY We Are Your Friends

Article cover photo via YouTube // Quotes courtesy of E-Grapes PR

Song by Felix Subway (Alfie Scheinman)
Produced by John Williams
Video credits –
Directed by Felix Subway
Filmed and edited by Jordan Mahoney
Production managed by Christine Williams
Costume by Pippa Eastman, Molly House, and Christine Williams
Makeup by Codie Selby

Felix Subway We Are Your Friends


Tragic, they confiscated all your magic
These old illusions are alluding you
Now, what left have you to believe in, with only ordinary feelings to conjure up

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