Harmony Woods Graceful Rage
14. March 2022 By Walter Price 0


Harmony Woods Graceful Rage is available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Skeletal Lightning.

Harmony Woods Graceful Rage

by Walter Price

‘New’ may be a slight misnomer when it comes to the vastly dynamic 2021 album ‘Graceful Rage’ by Philly indie outfit Harmony Woods, but here we are. Guided by the visions and concerns of vocalist/songwriter Sofia Verbilla, this unsung 8-track set is more than aptly titled. With all its lyrical depths, there’s certainly plenty of seeping temper oozing from each and every song.

Verbilla’s vocal agility is more often than not offset by a pounding crunch that’ll keep you on edge, which is kinda the point throughout. And its zeitgeist storylines are certainly the kind of soundtrack these ever trying times are aching for. Tracks like its namesake, “Graceful Rage”, the Lilith Fair era-esque “Rittenhouse”, the pointed powers of “God’s Gift to Women”, and The Cranberries styled “Good Luck Rd.”, all have inedible messages and are primed to start conversations. All in all, this album, its mastermind, and the potent messaging are powerfully important.

Hey, if your fave playlists are stocked with tracks by Pom Pom Squad, Skating Polly, and/or Destroy Boys, then Harmony Woods’ “Graceful Rage” is gonna feel right at home. You can stream it in full as well as witness one of the most brilliantly crafted music videos, the Adam Peditto-directed stunner, here at the GTC.


Artist photo by Brooke Marsh

Produced and mixed by Bartees Strange
Mix Assistant – Graham Richman
Engineered by John Brooks
Mastered by Calvin Lauber

All songs written by, Sofia Verbilla
Vocals/Guitar/Piano – Sofia Verbilla
Bass – Josh Cyr
Drums – David Juro
Additional Guitar – Bartees Strange

Cello – Kate Rears
Horns – Brian Turnmire
Lap Steel – Graham Richman

Graceful Rage: Director – Adam Peditto
Producer – Katie Dvorak
Production Company – Ottica Productions
DP – Joe Grasso
Gaffer – James Powers
Location – Power Plant Productions

Harmony Woods Graceful Rage

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now I’ll keep my mouth shut, baby
save it for the ones who love me
graceful rage is all that suits me these days

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