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Naked Giants, Thunder on the Left and Hellsingland Underground are RRAR’s track picks!

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 Tracks by Hellsingland Underground, Thunder on the Left, and Naked Giants!!

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HELLSINGLAND UNDERGROUND – Carnival Beyond the Hills

by Maria Haskins

Swedish rock band Hellsingland Underground describes their style of music as “rock/jamband/folk”, and they describe the band, rather humorously, as “…a bunch of disfunctionals that are functioning pretty good together. As a unit.”

If you want to know a bit more about the band, you can read this interview with Charlie Granberg at Global Texan Chronicles. It’s a few years old, but it does give some great insights into what this band is all about.

Hellsingland Underground’s music has its roots in blues, folk music, and classic hard rock, and this brand new tune has a trippy, almost dreamy vibe that I really love.

“Carnival Beyond the Hills” is taken from the band’s latest release “A Hundred Years Is Nothing”, and you can pick it up right now from all the usual retailers: Buy “A Hundred Years Is Nothing

Hellsingland Underground is:

Charlie Granberg – lead vocals and harmonica
Jerry Ask – lead and rhythm guitar, vocals
Peter Henriksson – lead and rhythm guitar, vocals
Martin Karlsson – bass, vocals
Thomas Pettersson – piano and organ
Patrik Jansson – drums and percussion

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TOTL – Not Numb

by Maria Savva

Thunder on the Left are/were one of my favourite new bands. Their debut album last year (when they were a trio) was one of my favourite releases of 2018, and although they then changed direction musically and became a duo, the magic was not lost as they continued to produce amazing music, and their live gigs were always brilliant.

I was sad to learn last week that they won’t be producing any new music as a band. They made the announcement at the same time as releasing their final EP.

Hey peeps, we’re proud to announce that our two-piece EP ‘The Familiarity of Chaos’ is out today. We are also today announcing that this is our parting gift to you as Thunder On The Left will be no longer.

We’d like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for making TOTL such a journey; you’ve come to pack out our shows, listened to our music, bought our merch, helped us record/mix/master our tunes, and have generally been amazing badass people who have loved and supported what we have done over the past few years.

For us, this EP is going out on a high, with not only a complete change of set up as a two-piece but also a change in narrative in terms of the songs.

Like they say, all good things must come to an end, however, we are not saying this with a heavy heart, more a proud one. We both will not cease making music, so stay tuned for future projects. Forever yours, TOTL.

“The Familiarity of Chaos” is a fantastic 3-track EP, and I could have chose any of the 3 songs as Track of the Day today. I had a hard time deciding which one to pick. I have opted for “Not Numb” as it’s the longest song on the release.

The whole EP is full of passion, intoxicating music, and emotive lyrics. It is a dark offering; the subjects of frustration, regret, loneliness, and bad relationships pervade the lyrics. The music is experimental, sublime, and addictive.

It seems that this duo have parted ways on a high creatively. I can only hope that they continue to produce music, as this EP is an example of true artists expressing their lives through music. We need more music produced with such raw passion and honesty.

I’m looking forward to hearing about their future projects.

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by Neil Schiller

Ok, there’s a whole twenty-minute mini-film for this one, but I’ve set it to start at the beginning of the song, seeing as though that’s almost eight minutes in. You can always skip it back if you want to watch it all I guess. It’s a John Hughes high school homage about a group of students tracking the green fuzz monster…

Anyway, Naked Giants are from Seattle and formed in 2014. ‘Green Fuzz’ is the title track from their latest EP which was released this year. I like it purely for the scuzzy blues feel. It has more than a dash of Screaming Jay Hawkins to it. I mean, what’s not to like about that?

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