Palm Haze
6. September 2019 By Walter Price 0

Losing all control, WKND SPIN: PALM HAZE – “Second Round” [Rêve Bleu]

Palm Haze – Rêve Bleu is available @ Bandcamp.

Palm Haze

by Walter Price

Vancouver alt-rock duo Palm Haze’s latest release ‘Rêve Bleu’ is anything but predictable. Each track sonically misdirecting, lyrically poetic and an emotional psych trip through an abundance of textures. Just imagine, Mazzy Star, Black Bananas, Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine blended into a project of disquieting brilliance.

To get you acquainted, check out the album’s fourth track “Second Round”. The plucking intro isn’t any sort of indication for what’s to come. No, its the calm before the storm as the second chapter explodes into a chaotic yet orchestrated wall of distorted beauty. Then, just as you’ve forcibly adjusted to a new thought process, the next chapter coaxes you into a whole new eerie lullaby-like realm.

This track’s turbulent arrangement and verse construction perfectly exemplifying this band’s mastery of their art and studio time. Neither my nor your ears think this way…their’s do and there lie the mystical powers. Not only of this single but the album as a whole.

Maybe it would be alright
When I saw her, kissing all the other guys
I was just a little too afraid to die
When I saw her, telling everyone my lies

Falling from a higher high
When I saw her, tripping to the other side
I was just a little too okay to fight
When I saw her begging for a second round

I wonder where to go
I’m Losing all control
I don’t know where to go
I’ll follow your soul

I wonder where to go
I’m losing all control
I don’t know where to go
I’ll follow your soul

Take “Second Round” for a spin or more and add it to your weekend playlist, we have @ GTC WKND SPIN. And check out the trippy film for the track, directed by Matt Black, below.


Palm Haze: Anna Wagner & Lucas Inacio

Directed & Edited by Matt Black
Camera & Drone Operator Alex Buksdorf
Produced by Advancer Media
Special thanks to The Avant-Garden

Palm Haze

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