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A HOPELESS ROMANTIC SINGLE: mxmtoon – “i feel like chet” (plum blossom ep)

mxmtoon – plum blossom is available @ iTunes.


by Walter Price


Tragic characters have always had the powers to transfix one’s imagination. Sparking a romanticism about their lore and art. Lenny Bruce, James Dean, Jack Kerouac, and Hunter S. Thompson have all inspired. And their murky existence and inner turmoils are legendary, legends that have been philosophized, written, and dreamt about by many thinkers.

Bay Area singer-songwriter mxmtoon (Maia) is no exception. With her recent single, “i feel like chet” (the artist has chosen to not use capitalization for this song title) uses perceptions of Chet Baker to share her feelings of a hopeless romantic. Beautifully simple, using her voice as the main instrument to tell her story. Accompanied by her ukelele to cradle her emotions, this track is a breath of fresh air. Proving that talent and lovely songwriting is far more tactile than overproduction and layering wizardry.

Taking inspiration from one’s own failures, desires or utilizing romanticized thoughts of your favorite notorious heroes is nothing new…but it is increasingly rare to be this earnest…

i’m a hopeless romantic
afraid of commitment
but i can’t help that i like to think
though my glasses are tinted rose pink

(i feel like chet
but i won’t chat
no not with you
cause it’d fall flat)

“i feel like chet” is from the ‘plum blossom’ ep, available now. And you should check out her stripped down version of the  Paul Anka penned, “My Way“.



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