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4. February 2019 By Walter Price 0

NEW VIDEO: NEYLA PEKAREK – “Train”, directed by Liza Nelson

Neyla Pekarek – ‘Rattlesnake’ is available now @ iTunes. Neyla Pekarek by Walter Price   When the news that Neyla Pekarek was leaving The Lumineers to go solo, trying to figure out what she’d do or what sound she’d land on was a slight mystery. If someone told me that she’d create a significantly beautiful ode to a little-known feminist trailblazer, I’d probably pause for a bit before a quizzical, Oh, really?” And she has done just that with her album ‘Rattlesnake’. A concept album focusing on the pioneering life and adventures of Rattlesnake Kate (Katherine McHale Slaughterback/ Kate Garner). A Colorado native who amongst her many distinctions and lore once killed 140 snakes nearly barehanded, built and ran her own farm (and moonshine distillery, shh), and had a knack for interesting taxidermy. Lots of moxie to glean from. And the recent single “Train” is just one of the albums chapters that should be experienced. No secret, the history of train songs has historically been dominated by men. Most likely because of society’s placement of woman. It would seem unfathomable to think of a young lady riding the rails searching for new landscapes…very unchristian, indeed. This is now and Pekarek has written an instant classic that feels comfortable next to anything Cash, Ella, and Shaver have released.

Big tank engine Rollin along, my one-way ticket To a better life, a better song Bend the rails, I can’t wait too long To board my train and move on

The video for the track, directed by Liza Nelson, is a jaunty and whimsical theatrical romp. Full of sneaky imagery from Rattlesnake Kate’s folklore. A bit of playfulness honoring an unsung hero. The single, video and album are likely not like anything you’ve spent time with before…and that is as unexpected as it is brilliant. ‘Rattlesnake’ is available via S-Curve Records. And according to Pekarek’s bio, she has been commissioned by the Denver Center for Performing Arts to develop a musical about the life of Colorado Pioneer, Rattlesnake Kate. Win.  


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