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WKND SPIN: PALE LIPS – “You’re A Doll” (from the After Dark LP)

Pale Lips – ‘After Dark’ is available @ iTunes.

Pale Lips

by Walter Price


Canadian “Bubblegum Punk/ Power Pop/ Rock n’ Roll” outfit Pale Lips are just who the doctor ordered to brighten up this densely murky winter! Their recently released single, “You’re A Doll”, is a bouncy romp full of catchy hooks, hips swivel inducing playfulness, and solid good time grooves. The subject matter speaks for itself and in an increasingly narcissistic social media world, it’s as timely as a track can be. Subsequently, the  Lynn Poulin directed video is a brilliant Barbie blast, not to mention an editing marvel. Kudos all around for Luc Binette and Poulin!

Dust off those winter blues and take “You’re A Doll” for a weekend spin…dare ya not to boogie…

The new single is from the new album, ‘After Dark’ via Alien Snatch!, Spaghetty Town, and Gods Candy.



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All music and concept by Pale Lips Photographer, Director & Assistant Editor: Lynn Poulin
Editor: Luc Binette
Actors: Luc Brien, Candy Contrera, and Ashley Gwyneth Imonetti
Very Special thanks to François LeClair, Fany Ducharme, Jocelyn Gagné, Lisa de la Côte, to all the lenders of toys: Léa, Théodore et Madeleine, Gracie, Suzie Lelove et Karina Mariano


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