The Violent Years
31. January 2019 By Walter Price 0

JUST RELEASED: THE VIOLENT YEARS – “Stone Among Stones” (single)

The Violent Years – “Stone Among Stones” is available @ iTunes.

The Violent Years

by Walter Price



Norway’s The Violent Years are known for their beautifully constructed cerebral and socially conscious music. And on the heels of their third eagerly awaited third full-length album ‘Via Antarctica’, they have dropped an existential single. The song “Stone Among Stones” has a theme we all continue to deal with. Who are we individually amongst the 7.5 billion wondering the increasingly bleak world. Can God provide the answers we’re looking for, can we alter our final destination, or should we just accept our places and move along?

Songwriter Kenneth Bringsdal explains the depths behind the new track, “Basically, this song is about one man’s dialogue with his God, and how he sees his sad existence. He`ll do anything to be saved from death and its jaws but realizes that he`s just like everybody else, he is no more than just another stone, fallen to this earth.”

If you’re a fan of Paul Weller, Band of Horses and/or Graham Coxon, this single is in your wheelhouse.

‘Via Antarctica’, an album the band’s website describes as “…a spellbinding venture into planet Earth, exploring the evil, envy, and brutality that envelop us. The album is by far the darkest and most fierce of the band’s recordings, and the album’s lyrical themes and concept is based on individuals roaming the earth, dealing with alienation; either preying on each other or simply letting go.”

The new album is expected on April 5th, 2019 on Apollon Records.



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