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17. January 2019 By Walter Price 0

SYNTH-POP REDUX: MARSHEAUX Video – “Can You Stop Me (now)?”

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by Walter Price


I find it interesting and perhaps a bit hit or miss when artists revisit their past and tinker with what was already great to start with. Some simply do it better. Take in point synth-pop duo MARSHEAUX and the recent redux of their track “Can U Stop Me?”.A single I first heard on the group’s  ‘Inhale‘ LP. It’s that sort of track you want to soundtrack your after-hours lounge come-down. You still have the power to dance…or not. Let that hypnotic beat carry you into the dawn. Yes, some of the hard edges have been smoothed out on the newer take, and for me, that adds to the slow burn.

Subsequently, with the fresh version, “Can You Stop Me (now)?”, there is also a darker video that can mesmerize as much as the track itself. Unfortunately, I have no idea who directed/edited the film, but good on them. It’s a near-masterful portrayal of the body’s shadowy fluidity. A sense of suspenseful movement… Marianthi + Sophie have always taken the time to secure stunning imagery to accompany their music, and here, they excel once more.


MARSHEAUX Video – “Can You Stop Me (now)?”

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