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FRESH VIDEO: Kitty Solaris – “Dirt’ (from ‘Cold City’ out February 22, 2019)

Kitty Solaris –  ‘Cold City’ out February 22, 2019, via iTunes.

Cold City

by Walter Price


Berlin singer-songwriter Kitty Solaris often airs her social/personal concerns and emotions in her songs. With a new album, ‘Cold City’, arriving in February of this year, she has released another impassioned singe, “Dirt’. A post-psych track that is seemingly dealing with the mundane, yet addictive, landscapes the writer has landed.

morning comes at night
then comes noon
morning comes at night
winter soon – soon

all you can is run
as fast as you can
all you can is run
give e a hand
give me a hand

it´s past – long time
it still hurts
long time – gone now
it still hurts

digging in the dirt –
digging in the dirt
digging in the dirt

The hallucinogenic homegrown video directed by Jean De Oliveira can be seen below. But before you dig into the film, here is a statement (translated) from the artist’s webpage to further pique your interest(s):

“Berlin, Berlin! Still Berlin. Can you still afford that? What do I have to do to stay connected? Tourism is booming. Party and alcohol in every corner and in between those who try to get along and live here. Houses, neighborhoods are being renovated and gentrified. Rents are increasing immeasurably and yet the city never loses its unkempt, dirty face and appeal. It is still a magnet for audiences from around the world because compared to the other big cities, there are still niches and creative spaces for musicians and artists with the dream to live an independent life. Still – and who knows how much longer.

“Enigmatic fragile and strong at the same time – in the style comparable to apparently coolly distanced over the things standing musicians like smog or Kurt Vile. The recordings were complemented by overdubs by Lucio Capece (bass clarinet), Roderick Miller (Keys) and Steffen Schlosser, who along with drums and various percussion parts contributed fulminant guitar riffs and vocals backing vocals.

“Apart from the already released, as a single, title track from the album, which is already in rotation at various radio stations, and the single “Dirt” scores the new album with Van Morrison big-band sound at “Goldmine”. “Night Trip” with hypnotic “owl-choirs” and synths are the only song with post-production by Damian Press besides “Shimmering” and “Lost Son.” Also, the elegiac side is not neglected with a cover of “Never Been Away”, originally from Italian Musician Marta Collica and the minimalist bass clarinet “Giulia”. In “Tourist in my own Town,” Kitty Solaris whirls through her own city as a tourist while maintaining her own independence in times when the mainstream dominates the market. So the album was completely created in DIY mode again. It will be released on 22.2.2019 on the in-house label Solaris Empire, on which many Berlin indie acts such as La Tourette and Sorry Gilberto publish.”

If you dig Jefferson Airplane, Velvet Underground, and Blank Tapes… Solaris is for you.



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