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30. October 2014 By Walter Price 0

Lovers Electric – ‘Soma Days’

Lovers Electric

David Turley, Eden Boucher (Facebook Photo)

“Don’t let the sun go dark on you. Don’t let the sky fall down upon you……”

Features Artist: Lover Electric

Eden Boucher, David Turley


Berlin based world traveling indie pop mainstays Lovers Electric seem pretty steady in their flow of new singles this past few months from a still untitled forthcoming album of new material. An album that has seen the couple in life and sounds taking their pure DIY approach to music and visuals making to enduring levels and has seen the duo traveling the globe in pursuit of enriching their art.

Soma Days is a throwback soundtrack (à la Camouflage perhaps) with Turley out front in this darkly  intoxicating hopeful song. A track that twists and tweaks bleakness and encouragement and probably the only song you’ll ever hear that uses the word Soma. But Lovers Electric are a clever set.

Of the new new album LE recently said…

“Yes the new album is much more acoustic than our last. We’re working with Producer Philipp Steinke who produced the ‘Boy’ album so that gives you a hint as to the direction… But it’s not totally acoustic; there are still plenty of up-tempo songs we just wanted to use more acoustic instruments than electric for this album.” – Eden & David


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