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Catching Up With Lovers Electric

By Walter Price

On 10 August we had the pleasure of witnessing the first new track and video from Lovers Electric’s upcoming work in progress..

If you didn’t catch the article, here is what was said:

–The somewhat nomadic alt pop troubadours Lovers Electric are back with a new track and they come out slinging beautifully painful truths just as they have all along.

Two attractive people in a stark white room stripped down to all white undergarments sets the cinematic tone for Lovers Electric’s new single/video, Hollywood Dream. A stunningly bare reminder that life/love isn’t always the way the fabled silver screen has promised. The frailties of a relationship recounted via an exercise in lyrical tit for tat, the always enchanting real life couple Eden Boucher & David Turley have done it again. Creating a plotline that leaves enough mystery for the listener to conjure up what he/she wishes and that is what songs are for, mostly.

I could carefully assume that Hollywood Dream will be on Lovers Electric’s forthcoming album. An album I don’t know the name of or the release date at time of publishing. An album that will have a task trying to outdo the duo’s 2011 Impossible Dream and last year’s Waiting For Something To Happen. But Lovers Electric have a history of making progression look easy, so I have no worries. —

As he world gratefully turns, I just recently caught up with Eden and David about Hollywood Dream, their forthcoming album and a couple other tidbits.

I am pretty internet proficient but I can’t seem to nail down a title or release date for the new album. Will the album be through Universal?

Ah ha that’s because we’ve not got an album title yet and in fact we’ve not finished mixing the album. So once we’ve done those things we’ll be able to make a release date. But that’s why we’ve decided to release new tracks and videos in the meantime. I think at this stage we will probably release with a different label, we generally license each album we do to the label who is most interested and most interesting. We enjoyed working with Universal but I think having had two major release albums we’d like to try working with a smaller label for this new release.

Since the release of Waiting for Something to Happen you two have been anything but idle. Traveling all over the word, what has the past several months been like?

Yeah I tell you what, we’ve been really glad to be staying put in Berlin these past couple of months. Traveling is fun but tiring. We had some great shows in the US and a bit of a holiday too. But now it’s nice to be working on finishing the album and new material.

Hollywood Dream is definitely one of the best pop//rock track I’ve heard so far this year. Can you ease my brain and tell me the story behind it?

Thank you, well I guess we’ve had allot of friends breaking up recently and you can’t help but think about some of the problems and how they might be reflected in our own relationship. It ain’t easy living with someone and I guess ‘Hollywood Dream’ is a really honest raw take on it all. We were pretty young when we got married and certainly idealistic and perhaps naive so I think as you get older you realize life isn’t perfect and you gotta work at it.

Is the new album along the same grains?

Yes the new album is much more acoustic than our last. We’re working with Producer Philipp Steinke who produced the ‘Boy’ album so that gives you a hint as to the direction… But it’s not totally acoustic; there are still plenty of up-tempo songs we just wanted to use more acoustic instruments than electric for this album.

Is the video for Hollywood Dream fully DIY?

Yes absolutely! Actually we shot it ourselves like pretty much all our videos, so it’s tricky to plan the shoot to get us both in when there’s no one holding the camera! But it pushes us to be more creative and find interesting ways to get the vibe of the video across.

What can you tell us about LE’s next 6 months.

We hope to have many more new songs and videos coming out over the next 6 months and also the album.

Thank you for taking some time to chat with me today.

Thanks for the support!


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