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Meet Creem Circus

Creem Circus

By Walter Price

Have you you ever been searching for the new single from Imperial State Electric and accidentally stumble across a band by the name of Creem Circus?

Yeah, that happened to me yesterday as well.

And did you find out that this band from Philadelphia is producing some fantastic power-glam Rock N’ Roll? 

Yeah, so did I! I also found out that Chris Th’ Pinto (DiPinto) enjoys the word ‘boogie’ as much as we all do and that his band Creem Circus have a new full length album in the works, dig it!. 

Oh, and glitter can defeat Satan! WHO KNEW?!

As I do, I sent over a list of ‘get to know ya’ questions to Chris and this is what he sent back, very righteous!

Who are the Creem Circus and when did this hard glam terrific rock outfit come about?
The Creem Circus is: me, Chris on guitar and vocal, my friends Ted on guitar, Kevin on bass and Rob on drums. We started around 2011, though me and Kevin are the only original members. Before this I was in a leather and studs Heavy Metal band called Wastoid. We wrote songs about Rock and Roll and Satan. Now I am more interested in songs about Rock and Roll and glitter.

What attacked you/the band to the virtues of glam rock? Is it more the music or the style?
It’s the music and style, but really it’s the statement. I read a book called Performing Glam Rock and it changed my life. I realize I’ve forever been rebelling against a certain “keepin’ it real” mentality that has been so pervasive in music since the 90’s, an attitude that says you must be who you really are on stage. But to me, going on stage in a pair of shorts and a baseball cap is like wearing a Hawaiian shirt to your own wedding. It’s downright disrespectfully to you, to me, the audience, not to mention Dionysus.

When music lovers, depending their age, think of glam, T.Rex, always comes to mind, what are your band’s go-to Glamfathers?
We’re all about the T.Rextasy. Bolan, Bowie, Wood, Cooper, Ferry and Quatro…they raised it to the level of art, though Sweet, Slade, Glitter, Mud, Mott are all great rock & roll bands that we love.

Oh, and Nick Gilder, he’s a big influence.

How do the peoples find your music?
How do they find it? Like how accepting of it are they? It seems that most people love us, though they may be trying their best to hate us. When we walk on stage in our glitter and platforms and clothing that we’ve purchased in the women’s department, you can just feel the tension. We feed off that because at that point it’s totally up the music and performance to win them over. The music and show is designed to do just that, and since we are totally serious and at the same time completely laughing at ourselves, we can’t loose. The show is always the greatest party you’ve ever been to. But don’t take my word for it, come on out next time!

What should the world know about Creem Circus?
We are the Creem Circus and we are your favorite band’s, favorite band. We are the Glitterest, Sladest, Rockin’est, laidest, overtime-paidest, BOOGIEST BAND IN TOWN!
We are on Facebook, youtube, soundcloud, Cdbaby. We are played on the greatest Glam station, the Glam Rock Junkshop. Our 7″ is available on eBay and Amazon. We have a full-length coming out soon on Creep Records..

Right on, we can’t wait to get our hands on that new album!

CREEM CIRCUS: Facebook. / DiPinto Guitars.

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